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You are the captain of

ASV Trident

the last warship for all mankind.

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Be the Captain!

Make decision, Survive, Engage.

BVR engagement

Are you sick and tired of dogfight? It's all about beyond-visual-range engagement. Your every movement can be disadvantaged by the opponent's radar. If you can see the enemy may the enemy can see you.

Interactive story line

Do you willing to destroy civilian vessel that can be doubted enemy bomb on board? As an acting captain of the last warship, you must make tough decisions. Your decisions may change the story line entirely.


Customize Trident for your own taste. It can be a star fighter carrier or a missile cruiser. Deploy the department heads at your discretion. Every tiny part of the ship can be customized by you, Captain.

Deck Images

Water tank


Food storage

Crew quarters

Hydrogen Storage

Explosion FX