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My new Starship simulation game project has begun!

I need your support to finish this project: asv-trident.launchrock.com

You are the captain of alien invasion ship.

Drop lethal bombs and make them surrender than negotiate terms of surrender.

Upgrade your ship and become more ruthless alien invader.

Let's begin SPACE BATTLE.

7 upgrades can be aplied for each ships.

-Enhance energy shield capacity

-Enhance hull integrity

-Enhance engine

-Multiple bomb drop

-Enhance bomb capacity

-Enhance shield recharge rate

-Attach a long range plasma beam

4 types of bomb is avaliable.

-small bomb

-big bomb

-biological bomb

-bunker buster

2 types of bomb upgrades

-Bomb accuracy

-Bomb damage

3 achievements for each planets

-Planet Devastator: You've earned uncoditional surrender in impossible difficulty.

-Race Cleaner: You've earned uncoditional surrender in difficult difficulty.

-Alien Invader: You've earned uncoditional surrender in normal difficulty.

keyword: space game, space, space bomber, bomber, alien, alien invader, alien invasion

*only english supported yet.

*some of features being tested so you can't access it.

*if game is not executed, install dxwebsetup.exe first.


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